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Tap into ten years of professional brand and web strategy.

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Rory Braatvedt Digital Marketer On Demand

I create strategy-first brands and websites that actually walk the talk.


Visionary brand systems

Uncover the primordial soul of your company, then connect it with an audience who actually cares.


Beautiful, functional web

The ultimate conversion point for modern consumers - why shouldn't it be anything but stunning?

Strategic writing

Compelling wordcraft

No content for the sake of content - only precise, compelling copywriting that's crafted to convert.

Creative Leadership

High-performance project and team leadership with profound goals.

Strategic Consulting

Enlightening workshops and meetings to rally teams and discover new grounds.

Advertising Management

Full-stack advertising management including social media and video scripting.

See my full
resume here

See my full
resume here

Rory Braatvedt

Rory has a very strong understanding of digital tactics and is able to effectively incorporate them into wider marketing/business objectives. At the same time, he can lead, train, and motivate staff effectively. His work capacity is enormous and his work ethic is top-notch, always taking ownership of what needs to get done, driving to completion on time, all while maintaining high standards.

Raquel Hirsch

Hirsch Strategies

Rory is one of those rare managers who also naturally serves as an inspiring mentor for the whole staff. With a background in Digital Marketing, Rory exhibits strong interpersonal skills and a unique capacity for empathy. Rory’s positive attitude and the respect others feel toward him are palpable.

Hamed Khatami

Dev Ops, SAP

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